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We’ve all had the wonderful experience of speaking with the AT&T® and Verizon’s of the world. What has your experience been like? I’m sure it was one that was very memorable and one that took some time out of your day. In the world of marketing we all know how important it is for our sales, marketing and our support teams to communicate to one another. To be on the same page. At 29 East you get the answer you want the first time you call. Right or wrong, we will tell you what we can and can’t do.

Why customer support is vital for the next big brand and app.

Ask yourself these important questions before you lose customers.

Let Us Break It Down In Ways We All Love To Read. In Bullets.

  • If you are a big organization, did you know not everyone likes to “chat” with people/bots for 3 hours?
  • Can you pay for a support team that can solve problems?
  • If you use chatbots do they work? Do they understand your customer?
  • Is your customer support in the right time zone?
  • Are you are paying the right director of happiness who understands your brand/vision?

To app developers and entrepreneurs of the world. When you are building out the next problem solving solution make sure to include a customer support team that can solve problems and your process is transparent across all levels of the organization. If Sue needs to talk to Vic in customer service support level 3.1 make sure you have a system in place for Vic to get back to Sue in the amount of time it takes to answer a customers question.

To the customers who like good service. Let us understand the world we are living in right now. We all have to adapt to the economy and how it moves. Big brands are always going to want more and think about the details last. Unfortunately we have to take that into account when we are shopping or utilizing third party apps. Try and be patient and always ask if they have a phone number. The only way things can change is if there is a need. Creating a need takes time and the customer (YOU) should be willing to let the brand/app/fruit company know you deserve a better experience. Maybe they’ll invest if enough customers leave.

In closing, you can bang your head against the wall 20 times or more and see if it moves or keep moving in another direction. Change happens when we all come together and make the change.

Let’s change – Call: 317-389-0458