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Besides losing their minds from time to time, entrepreneurs, when they’re not winning, they lose a lot of shit. See below the most common things these operators lose on a yearly basis. If you’re an entrepreneur these will all make sense.

Six Things Entrepreneur Lose Every Year

1. Pens. Americans lose or “throw away” 1.6 billion disposable pens every year. There are 195,530 CEO across the country, which equates to 8200 pens probably lost (not stolen) every year. Pro tip: Keep a hold of your pens when you’re around these operators.

2. Credit Cards. The average American has 2.6 credit cards they carry. Certain CEO’s like to show off so let’s just make it 3 for these entrepreneurs. 29 East Media likes to guess on this one, so we’ll say they lose at a minimum 2 a year. CEO tip: Just carry 1 and don’t lose it.

3. Smartphones. Did you know 70 million smartphones are lost every year. You should understand that if there are 195530 CEOs across the county that *9760 will lose their smartphone. Tip: Maybe consider a different color or a sparkle case and always get insurance.

*US Population is 331,002,651 and of that population 70 million consumers lose their mobile devises, which equals 5% of the US population that lose their smartphones every year. If you multiply the active CEOS (195560) across the county times 5% it equals 9760.

4. Keys. Did you know 20 million keys are lost every year while traveling? US Airlines reports this staggering statistic. When they’re not busy on their laptops they are busy losing keys. 102 sets of keys are lost to be exact.

5. Hair. According to ABC News, of the 195,530 CEO’s we have identified above, 31 are bald. If you plan to be a CEO, you have a .015% chance of not only losing your mind, but your hair.

6. Airpods. Consumers (especially CEOs) love listening to music, but they really enjoy spending the extra money it cost to replace these expensive listening devices. CEO’s are spending over 1.3 million dollars a year on these fancy things.