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How your seo company helps your brand appear in search is vital to long term sales and how you calculate your return on ad spend. We’ve outlined below why optimizing high quality images is crucial for your brand and SEO strategy. First, let us break down what SEO is and why it is important.

What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a advertising strategy brands utilize to appear in ranking positions that create results. A common example is ranking on page 1 in Google, Bing, or Yahoo for a keyword such as “SEO Company.”  This is extremely important if you’re a business that is looking to acquire clients that need your services. This is very valuable when you look at the data because there are over fourteen thousand users (potential customers) searching for an seo company that we have outlined below.


Why Is SEO Important?


  • 95% Of Brand Decisions Are Made On Page 1 In Search.  – #14, Hubspot
  • 76% Of Users Who Search On Their Mobile Devices (Smartphones) For Something Nearby Visit A Business They Found Within One Day.  – Google 
  • The First Organic Listing On Mobile Receives 27.7% Of Clicks, Versus 19.3% Of Clicks On Desktop. – Seoclarity
  • The First Five Organic Results In The SERPs Account For 67.6% Of All Clicks. – Zero Limit Web

What Does SERP Mean?

SERP stands for search engine results page. It is the amount of organic and paid listings you see when you perform a search query. See illustration below utiling search query “seo company.” You’ll see 7 paid ad positions (Google Ads). Ten organic search positions that include google’s question and answer positions and the map positions.


4 Reasons Why Your SEO Company Needs To Optimize Images?

Now that we covered what SEO is and why it’s important, take a look at why it is so important to optimize your images for Google search.

  1. Better Visibility On Search: High quality images optimized in search will improve your Google rankings. When optimized correctly, a user is 63% more likely to visit your website.
  2. Better Traffic To Your Website: Images that are of high quality and bring value to the user create a more than 60% percent chance that the consumer will visit your website.
  3. Increased Sales: Utilizing relevant and high quality photography in your SEO strategy will better position your brand and lead to 50% of users (potential customers) visiting your store the next day.
  4. Brand Quality: The way a brand looks online builds trust, would you agree? The answer is Yes. If the brand is consistent with better images than the competition you are probably more willing to buy from business A with amazing images than business B with lack luster imagery.

Image Examples Of What Our SEO Company Provides↓

Why An SEO Company Is So Valuable?

As outlined above, ranking on page 1 is where your customers are making decisions. 75% of all users searching in Google make their buying decisions on page 1. Meaning, only 15% of users (potential customers) are clicking on page 2 looking for where to buy. The odds are in your favor to work with an SEO company that knows how to position your brand on page 1 with keywords that create actions/results. Optimizing images is one key example to ranking success but knowing how to choose an SEO company should be based on proof of work. Take a look at a case study we’ve put together for a project we did for Tesla. In closing, the value of working with a company that focuses on SEO outweighs the cost of buying the keywords alone utilizing paid ads. The particular keyword “SEO Company” we are covering can cost on average $196,000 a month. If you visit the link above (click on Tesla) where we showcase our proof work. You will see that your brand can save more than 150% on your online marketing budget.