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Branding 101

A brand to me is more than a product or service. It is a business who operates like its consumers. Crawl into the skin of your customers and give them what they pay for.

10 Branding Quotes You Should Share

1. “What your customers share with their friends and don’t leave a review”

2. “Your logo reaches love mark status”

3. “Credibility is built or lost by eyeballs”

4. “A story users are willing to read everyday”

5. “Actually different/unique in their approach”

6. “Solving a problem first, fine-tuning to compete, practicing daily to improve”

7. “Invest in potential versus automation”

8. “Respect competition and seek higher ground”

9. “Ignore trends and create their own”

10. “Price becomes an afterthought because their subconscious already knows the value”